Building Relationships

Our relationships with our homeowners are built on the assurance that we’re here both during construction and for years afterwards.

We are devoted to constructing homes that homeowners love living in.

We are dedicated to making our shared process enjoyable. This process is the result of our unique culture. A culture based on honesty, transparency, a drive for perfection and a genuine caring for our customers, fellow employees and the craftsmen we work with. Such a simple but solid idea challenges us to build the best house each time we build a home. We take great pleasure in that challenge, all of us: everyone who works at Windham Builders.

Together, we build gorgeous homes out of gorgeous visions.

Building Precision & Momentum


We operate on the premise that architectural dreams are realized with driven execution, efficient persistence, masterful accuracy, and unparalleled organization.

Meticulously supervising every stage of construction, we keep track of millions of details and thousands of components. We check and recheck intricate mechanical and aesthetic details— our attention moving from the major building systems down to every single fastener. From managing the structural components of the foundation and framing to making sure masonry and roofing is placed in a manner that is sound but also reflects the aesthetics required by the Owner and design team; finishes that are perfect or may exhibit the hand of our craftsmen we are in tune with your expectations.

Each small part installed precisely where it belongs, each small part a consequential aspect of construction.

Absolutely nothing is trivial to us when building your house.


Building Process


Written and verbal communication along with documentation is key to our success.

We have periodic (preferably weekly) meetings with the home owner and architect documented with meeting minutes. Usually, we have daily emails or phone calls with the architect, our subcontractors, and, when warranted, the home owner.

We tend to communicate with drawings, sketches and specifications. These are kept up-to-date, logged, and organized.

Documented questions for the architect use Requests for Information (RFIs, and all changes are documented through our American Institute of Architects (AIA) Change Orders). AIA Contracts are signed with our home owner and subcontractors.

We have a safety program and quarterly safety audits.

Our detailed and focused communications and documentation provide protection for all parties and result in an enjoyable construction experience.